About Us


The Company

Kinheng Furniture commenced its journey in the early 1990s in the town of Sungai Buloh, nestled in Selangor, Malaysia. Since those humble beginnings, we have undergone a remarkable transformation, growing into a powerhouse equipped with fully integrated manufacturing facilities. Today, we take pride in our position as one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality furniture.


Our journey began with a focus on crafting fiberboard furniture, particularly entertainment units and bedroom furniture. As the world progressed and the demand for a broader and more competitive furniture market grew, we expanded our focus to specialize in crafting natural solid wood furniture across all facets of the home.


Today, our product line boasts an extensive array, ranging from exquisite bedroom furniture to elegant dining furniture and versatile living room furniture. We are committed to delivering not just furniture, but timeless pieces that embody quality and craftsmanship.

At our core, it has always been our Group's policy to consistently pursue competitive pricing without compromising on the essential elements of quality, finishing, and after-sales service. We remain committed to efficiently and effectively ensuring these aspects to the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers.
Customer Satisfaction

We approach each and every one of our buyers with the intention of fostering a long-term business relationship.

Our mission is centered around providing our customers with a complete designed concept - a comprehensive home furnishing solution that adds value through functionality and quality assurance.

We are dedicated to elevating the word 'Home Furniture' by infusing extra elegance and warmth. Our aspiration is for all customers, and ultimately, the end-users to create and enhance a warm and comfortable ambiance with our Home Furniture.